Judging Matters Episode Eleven: When friend ‘ships’ Capsize

For ten amazing episodes, Justice Olusola Williams and general counsel, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu have proved that there’s no issue too small or conflict too big for them to resolve and they are re-affirming that in this episode.

Case One: Michael Nwadiko (Claimant) vs Jude Ageh (Defendant)

Michael rented an apartment for N400,000, and his former school mate who has been having both housing and employment issues was supposed to stay there with him. They agreed that he would pay the bills while his friend, Jude, would take care of buying and cooking food in the house.

Michael says that while he faithfully pays all the bills, his friend, Jude has never made or bought food like he agreed to do. He also adds that he believes his friend makes food when he’s not at home and cleans up before he is back so that he wouldn’t have to share.

Ebuka and Justice Olusola ask him what he would like the court to do. And he told them that Jude had promised to pay N150,000 out of the rent in April 2019 since he couldn’t keep his end of the bargain. Michael wants that payment made and he no longer wants to live with him.


Jude, on the other hand, maintains that he cooked a couple of times for them and when he couldn’t afford to, he told Michael. He also stated that he never agreed to pay back N150,000.


Justice Olushola decided that a grown man shouldn’t live in another person’s house free of charge, but that Michael was also exaggerating the situation. She ruled in favour of the claimant, awarding him the total of N50,000 for utilities.


Case Two: Leke Olayide (Plaintiff) vs Joseph Godwin (Defendant)

Leke used to be Joseph’s tailor, but they developed a friendship after he had rendered his services. Towards the end of 2019, Leke’s phone went bad, and Joseph took him somewhere to purchase a new one. A few weeks later, Joseph asked Leke to borrow him the iPhone 6+ he had just bought so he could use it to send out his CV.


Leke agreed to lend him the phone for a few days. Joseph never returned the phone and claimed it was stolen with some of his other properties when he was robbed on his way to return it.

Leke does not believe this, because his friend has a habit of swapping phones and he thinks that his friend may have traded it, leaving him with a N2,000 worth phone. Joseph agrees with Leke’s narration of events and that he said he was going to pay for the cost of a new one. He, however, added that he asked Leke to give him some time because he was having rent issues.

Justice Olushola finally passes judgement in favour of the claimant for the sum of N40,000 and allows him also to keep the N2,000 phone.

Both cases teach you about the fragility of friendship and reiterate the importance of truth, love, and trust in any form of relationship.


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