BBNaija Season 6: Housemates Stand With Whitemoney After he calls out Pere for his Recent Violent Bully Attempt

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Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemates, Pere and Whitemoney, got into an hot exchange of words after the latter felt disrespected by the action of the former.

Apparently, Pere came to confront Whitemoney over an earlier discussion and he asked the latter about a question that was asked.

Whitemoney was lying down on the couch and Pere bent over him, looking directly at his face as he asked, “What do you ask? What do you ask?”

Confused Whitemoney said he didn’t ask anything but Pere leaned closer to Whitemoney’s face and asked again, “Whitemoney look at my face, what do you ask bro?”

“I didn’t ask any question. What is about the game?” Whitemoney asked.

However, to the surprise of housemates, Pere went further to unstrap his belt, now very close to Whitemoney’s face as if to strangle or choke him, he kept asking Whitemoney the same question.

That action led Whitemoney into an outburst as he stated that Pere disrespected him with that act.

Whitemoney said he felt as helpless as a child, and that it would have been easy for him to be stabbed by Pere in that situation.

Whitemoney told him that if they were outside the show, he wouldn’t try to do such to him by making him feel like a kid.

Whitemoney said, “If you don’t like me, tell me to my face. You pulled your belt while looking in my face as if I’m a kid.”

He went further to say that he has no hard feelings for Pere because while he knew that Pere and Maria were the Wildcards, he still didn’t expose them.

Whitemoney said, “I know you don’t like me, I know you don’t love me but no problem, let’s have a healthy competition. Regardless, I’ll still kill you with kindness because I like you.”

“Seriously, I love this guy. I actually love him. For no reason, I just like the guy because of his presence. It’s a healthy competition,” Whitemoney told the rest of the housemates.

“You can talk to me without doing that to me. If you did this in the street, you’ll be dealt with. I’m a street boy. I live under the bridge in Ojuelegba,” Whitemoney told Pere.

Other housemates tried to make Whitemoney calm down as they also condemned Pere’s attitude as an act of intimidation.

Pere still denied the act when asked by the new Head Of House Maria, cos she seemed to be the only one absent when it happened. Maria got infuriated by his constant denial and told him not to call them fools, because all the housemates could not have possibly been wrong with what they witnessed.

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