Mawuli Gavor Covers MC! Magazine A/J2021 Issue; Discusses Success, Marriage, Toxic Masculinity, LGBTQ+ BBNaija Housemates

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Ghanaian Actor, Mawuli Gavor is the cover star in the new April – June issue of MC! Magazine, where the digital publication unravels the personality of the star actor which reek of introversion, humor and solitude.

He sits gracefully on the cover which adopts an excitingly cheerful yet reflective theme, indicative of the magazine’s contrasting messages of intentionality with “choosing ease” , “optimism” and “realism” while approaching the present times.


In this cover story, he chats with the magazine about a range of topics including success, financial stability, marriage, toxic masculinity, grooming, LGBTQ+, Big Brother Naija housemates, the journey of the film industry in Nigeria, and his proclivity for a private and scandal-free life.



MC! Magazine writes an interesting insight into the life of the star thus:

Chatting with the actor is as breezy and simple as it could get, yet candidly revealing. 

With Gavor, there are rarely complexities. He is either filming or in his home enjoying the private and scandal-free life he strives to build for himself, despite the fame. He tells us that, “Hopefully it stays that way. I’m not a saint, but it’s really not that hard though. It is tough to be in trouble when you spend most of your off time at home.” 

Beyond his obvious allure owing to internet images of him that show off his toned physique, ivory skin and chiseled facial features; we attempt to unearth the actor’s personality and lifestyle which reeked of introversion, humor and solitude. 

The actor would rather spend his time, “Working out and eating small chops, Watching football games during the day and watching basketball games at night.”’.

DAVIDWEJbysope21.jpgThe actor whose off-screen life may be described as super private, did reveal to the magazine that as opposed to fan suspicions of baby mama and brewing romantic relationships, he isn’t married “yet”, although he is, “working on it“.

The full cover story is available Here for a full read.


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Words: Gertrude and Jennifer Nwosu

Creative Direction: Adedayo Eweje

Styling: Mawuli Gavor

Photography: Sope Adelaja

Designer: David Wej

Magazine: MC! Magazine Nigeria


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