Money, Veggies, Babe-cation: All You Need To Power Through 2021

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Hey, ladies, the year is still young, and there is so much to achieve in 2021. You probably have your 10-step plan for the year, but to accomplish your goals, you need all the right power tools to do so.



Jars of fruit smoothies

Slay Your Health

One important thing you should not forget is that health is wealth. Amid a pandemic, you must be in tiptop shape all the time. Make fruit and vegetable smoothies a part of your diet. With different combinations and variations, you will never get bored with what is in your bottle. It is a fun way to keep you energized and healthy.



Young girls taking a break with a babe-cation

Plan A ‘Babe-cation’:

Plan a vacation with the girls. Once in a while, you need to get away from all the hustle and bustle of being an adult. Schedule some time off so you can recharge and be ready to take on the world. It is even better now that the world is digital through banking apps like ALAT, so you can easily book a travel tour, pay for your flight and organize trips with the girls, all from your favourite couch in the living room.



Make wise plans with your money

Plan Your Money:

When money enter life is sweeter. Yes, health is wealth, and money is material, but we all know that money makes the world go round, properly! You need to get your finances right and invest well. Thankfully, an app like ALAT can spin many ways. They have a savings challenge and money cheat sheet that can help you reassess your current standing.

ALAT has this feature called Stash — a way to earn up to 7% interest on your savings without a limit on your withdrawals, a target amount to save or a time limit. Once you’ve created a Stash, you can add any amount of money to it whenever. To earn interest on stashed money, you can only withdraw from your Stash after 30 days.




Retail Therapy:

Nothing says power booster like shopping. There is something pleasant about buying new clothes, shoes, or bags that releases happy hormones and alleviates stress. You can shop in online stores and pay conveniently online. Click, click, and your clothes are at your doorstep.


The Big O

You can’t forget the ultimate ‘guaranteed to make you energized’ booster – the big O. Yes, ladies, getting that orgasm is a sure-fire way to release tension and stress of the week.


Pack In All That You Love

There are other pleasurable acts that you can indulge. You can read a good book, eat your favourite snacks or take a nice warm bath. Anything that gets you relaxed because ‘problem no dey finish’ as they say.

So, kick back, girl, you deserve to live your best life!


  • Dara Oluwatoye, a writer living in Lagos, Nigeria


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