Photos: Nollywood Actress Ayobami Ojo Shares Breathtaking Photos To Mark The International Women’s Day

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Versatile Nollywood Actress Ayobami Ojo aka Oyita who recently returned from UK for a personal business project and also bagged an ambassadorship deal with a famous skincare brand “SherrylGold” based in the art of Lagos Nigeria, took to her  instagram page to celebrate the international women’s day in a more unique way….



The versitle actress was inspired by her past ordeal with women she meets on the street everyday saying women are the strongest…

She took to her Instagram this morning and posted this



It’s the International Women’s Day, y’all. This is a day where people — women, and men alike— celebrate the social, cultural, political and economic achievements of women all over the globe. So on this day, we all take to our social media to celebrate women who have achieved successes in different fields and ourselves for having come this far. The importance of this day is largely underestimated and it breaks my heart. 

The average girl-child from the moment she hits puberty begins a life-long cycle of pains that never ends! These pains include the physical, the emotional, the psychological, the natural and the self-inflicted. 

The first is the Menstrual Pain which begins from the time a child hits about age 14 and doesn’t end until she is about 51 years of age. This is a vicious cycle of recurring pain that occurs monthly. I’m talking about severe stomach agony that lasts for about three (3) to seven (7) days, depending on the nature of the female, every month for an average of thirty-five (35) years!!! ???? 

The next is the pregnancy struggle. From the moment a woman conceives a child, she begins a new cycle of agony that replaces her menses. Beginning with the early morning sicknesses and nausea that characterizes the early days of the pregnancy; to the numerous pregnancy weakness and fatigue; to the heaviness of the body and the swelling of the woman’s feet. And finally to the ‘Oga patapata’ of them all— THE LABOUR PAINS. I do not think I have to explain what it feels like to go into labour to anyone, I’m sure you’d have heard stories and yes, you would have heard of women who died during childbirth (God rests their souls).  Non-females would never know what it feels like having your insides twisted, pulled, squeezed, stabbed, squashed, compressed and pinched by that agony!

Domesticallyin most African homes, it is still heavily considered a woman’s duty to clean the house, do the laundry, nurture the children, do the dishes, and cook!!! Meanwhile there are a lot of women who do all of these duties and still work (sometimes, multiple jobs) to support their families— hell, some are even breadwinners!!! Yet some men will still raise their filthy hands to beat their women and never get punished for it.
On a psychological level, most women have been reduced to second class citizens in the societies they help build and populate. The ridiculous tag on women as “The Weaker Sex” has created a mental barrier to the growth of a lot of women. The African society dictates male-biased standards to us and we have no choice but to swallow. A man is allowed to be promiscuous (Africa thinks it’s normal) but if a woman goes outside her marriage to screw a concubine, she’s automatically a prostitute and everyone is calling for her head. Men are allowed to sexualize and objectify women without getting punished. Women still get blamed for getting raped, FGS!!!! ????????

Ladies and Gentlemen, do I even need to add that in certain African cultures and families, the girl-child still has her genitals mutilated, ridding her of her natural rights to sexual pleasure and urge. Omoooo.????

Professionally, women are still being denied employment opportunities and promotions on account of their gender, and na 21st century we dey ooo. ????

These are the immensely harsh realities of our lives as women. Kudos to every girl, lady, woman, mother and grandmother who suffers in silence but still pushes on because of the understanding of our importance to our children and life as a whole. Big ups to the women who despite these pains, have conquered the world in their own little or big ways. And to those women who have publicly rebelled against the society and it’s stinky standards that demean women, STRENGTH!!!! 

And if you have ever hit a woman or you plan doing so, SHAME ON YOU and may you never find peace. 

If you have ever denied a woman a deserved opportunity to ascend the socio-economic and/or political ladder on the basis of her gender, SHAME ON YOU, and may thunder light you up mercilessly. 

If you sexualize, and/or objectify women, SHAME ON YOU.


And if you see a woman struggling to earn a legit living through sex, and you tag her a prostitute with the intent to slut-shame her, SHAME ON YOU.

Happy International Women’s Day, Soldiers. Keep on keeping on. I love you from the bottom of my heart. 

With Love, 

Ayobami Ojo (Oyita).


8th March, 2021

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