#BBTitans: Juicy Gist and Happenings in Week 7

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The ongoing Big Brother Titans reality TV show (BBTitans) has continued to witness a lot of drama and relationships. Sunday Scoop takes a look at the highlights of the seventh week

An eviction show without an eviction

Sunday evenings are undoubtedly some of the most tense moments for housemates. That is when they know whether they would be sent packing, or stay in the house longer; at least for another week. Last Sunday, February 26, 2023, was no different, and the anxiety was obvious on the faces of the evicted contestants.

However, to their greatest relief, the show’s South African co-host, Lawrence Maleka, announced that none of them would be going home that night.

Recall that Maleka hosted the show alone because his Nigerian counterpart, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, had travelled home for the presidential and National Assembly elections that held in the country a day before.

The ‘awwn’ moment

Some of the male housemates showered their tender, loving and caring sides when they prepared food for some of the ladies, and gave them massages as well. Their warm actions resonated with viewers of the show, as many took to social media to commend them.

Wager task lost

The housemates lost their wager task this week. The theme for the week was ‘kindness’, the contestants were expected to tell stories of kindness in whatever way they wanted.’

The housemates chose art as their medium of choice, but Biggie was not impressed by their output, which he described as ‘tedious’. However, Biggie commended some of them individually for their artworks.

Housemates play dress up

On Friday, March 3, the BBTitans housemates had an interesting time as they played dress up.

The game started with a conversation that led to all the guys wearing outfits from the ladies, while the female housemates dressed like men. Things became even more interesting when the housemates went acted a short play, in which the ladies acted as men visiting a strip club owned by Ipeleng, while the male housemates acted as strippers jostling for the attention of the ‘men’.

Justin becomes $1,000 richer

One of the housemates literally smiled to the bank, as he won the sum of $1,000, after winning the Friday night games.

Ipeleng rejects Miracle OP

Miracle OP finally confronted Ipeleng about starting a relationship with her, but things did not go the way he planned, as she pointedly told him that she did not want to put herself in a compromising position.

Recall that in the early days of show, an evicted housemate, Lukay, and Ipeleng had become close and eventually became a couple. The pair was even spotted kissing under the duvet. At that time, Miracle showing interest in Khosi.

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