Netizens accuse Ilebaye of trying to seduce Davido, as she attends his Martell party in a raunchy outfit

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Davido, recently hosted an extravagant Martell party to celebrate his flourishing brand and Ilebaye’s revealing outfit somehow took center stage.

people react to Ilebaye’s outfit as she attends Davido’s martell party

The star-studded event attracted a lot of celebrities, including notable BBN figures. However, one guest in particular, Ilebaye, the reigning Big Brother Niger Allstars winner, has emerged as the major point of attention, sparking lots of reactions due to her revealing and eye-catching outfit that left little to the imagination.

Ilebaye, undeniably turned heads with her choice of attire for the exclusive soirée. The outfit she sported was a daring two-piece ensemble, consisting of a sharp blazer and a high-waisted miniskirt. What has been causing a buzz is the fact that the blazer, the centerpiece of her outfit, left little to the imagination by exposing a considerable amount of skin. The short jacket blazer was provocatively left unbuttoned, revealing a significant amount of décolletage.

In various videos and snapshots captured from the event, Ilebaye’s outfit prompted more than a few gasps of astonishment. At times, her outfit left a considerable portion of her chest bare. The bold statement of her outfit left her breasts exposed with only minimal, strategic black material covering her nipples in a bid to preserve some modesty.




However, the sultry choice of attire triggered a lot of reactions across social media. Critics of the daring outfit were quick to voice their disapproval, expressing concerns about indecent dressing and the potential influence on impressionable young people.

One netizen, suggested that Ilebaye’s attire might have ulterior motives, implying that it was an attempt to seduce Davido. The netizen quipped, “Just to seduce Chioma’s husband,” speculating on the motivations behind the outfit.

Another commenter expressed surprise, wondering whether Ilebaye hailed from a responsible family and expressed a desire for her own children to adhere to better moral standards.

There were those who pondered Ilebaye’s own sentiments while wearing such a revealing outfit. One commentator questioned her happiness with her choice, asking, “Is she happy with what she is wearing? Who is she inspiring?”

Some went a step further, criticizing the modern trend of applauding nudity in the fashion world.

One more commentator expressed bewilderment at the notion of someone consciously choosing to dress indecently before stepping out into the public eye.

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