#RHOAbuja: Princess Jecoco extends an olive branch to Comfort and Arafa

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RHOAbuja: The Unending Rift Between Arafa and Princess Jecoco

RHOAbuja Ep 2: Arafa Pulls A Chioma-Laura On Princess Jecoco At Her Drag-Themed Party

The drama on Showmax’s The Real Housewives of Abuja is undoubtedly never in short supply, but one feud that seems to have no end in sight is the one between Arafa and Princess Jecoco.


Episode six of the reality show began with Princess reigniting the argument that had started in the previous episode with Comfort and Arafa while at the golf course. Comfort tried to intervene and calm the situation down, but Princess was not receptive and continued to provoke Arafa.

As the episode progressed and despite the ongoing tensions between them, OJ hosted the ladies to a beauty spa treatment. Comfort was the first to arrive, followed shortly by Princess. To Comfort’s surprise, Princess extended a hug and peck to her, but when Tutu and Arafa joined them, Arafa remained silent, even when Princess tried to start a conversation with her.


In an attempt to resolve the conflicts, heeding Comfort’s advice, Princess contacted Arafa and extended an invitation for the two of them to go kayaking. Arafa, however, ignored all of her calls and stood her up.


Afterwards, Princess invited everyone to dinner, including Arafa. This time, Arafa showed up, but the conversation quickly turned heated when Princess confronted her about standing her up and not picking up her calls. Arafa tried to excuse herself, but Princess was not having it. The argument escalated, and Arafa called Princess a child, to which Princess retorted by calling Arafa a grandma.



As the episode ended, it was clear that the beef between Princess Jecoco and Arafa was far from over. The tension between the two ladies was intense, and it seemed like it would take more than a dinner party to resolve their differences.


Would there ever be a truce between the two ladies, or will their feud continue to escalate in the coming episodes?


To find out what happens next, be sure to catch up on RHOAbuja on Showmax and tune in for the next episode this Friday. Don’t miss a moment of the drama, the laughter, or the heartfelt moments between these dynamic women.

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