“The only nyash I want to touch right now is my Benz nyash” Shallipopi

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In recent entertainment news, has openly expressed his admiration for his latest luxury acquisition. Shallipopi revealed that he is currently at a point in his life where his focus is solely on his new Mercedes-Benz, fondly referring to it as the “nyash” he wants to touch.

shallipopi benz

“The only nyash I want to touch right now is my Benz nyash”

This term ‘nyash’, commonly used in Nigeria, refers to one’s buttocks, but Shallipopi humorously uses it to describe his affection for his new car.

Back in October, Shallipopi made headlines when he purchased a brand new Mercedes-Benz SUV, a significant investment worth millions of Naira.

The moment of its arrival was captured in a video that went viral online, showing Shallipopi and his friends celebrating the arrival of the luxury vehicle. According to the video’s comments, the SUV is a Mercedes GLE model, emphasizing the singer’s taste for high-end vehicles.

Shallipopi’s journey to fame and success has been notably influenced by his collaboration with Zlatan. He credits Zlatan for his current career trajectory, especially after their joint work on the song “Elon Musk.”

The track went viral and significantly boosted Shallipopi’s popularity. Shallipopi expressed his gratitude towards Zlatan, acknowledging that Zlatan had a hand in his rise to stardom without expecting anything in return.

Reflecting on his humble beginnings, Shallipopi shared that his first-ever show earned him just 50,000 Naira. Despite the modest amount, he recalls receiving it with immense joy, marking the start of his journey in the entertainment industry. This recollection serves as a reminder of his growth and progression in the music scene.

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