Benue State University shut down after money swallowing snake eat student’s school fees

The management of the Benue State University have reportedly shut don the school indefinitely after some students could not pay up their school fees before the examinations commenced.

This was however caused by the students of the school that protested against the action of the school to prevent some of their colleagues from sitting for their exams.

According to the placard-carrying students, some of the them claimed that their school fees was eaten up by a mysterious snake and the reason why they couldn’t remit it to the school.

However some of the protesting students claim that their inability to pay their school fee was due to the fact the state governor could not on his own side, pay their parents’ salaries and pensions.

One of the students, who chose to be anonymous said his mother is a widow and she works as a civil servant in the state. Life ha been a hell for him and his siblings as he has to fend for himself in school without any hope of getting anything from home.

He says:

“How do you expect me to pay my school fees when the governor ha not even paid the workers in the state their salary for months now. My mother work as a civil servant in the state and unfortunately e lost our father some years ago. So all the responsibilities fall on her.

As a student in this school, I have to look after myself and my siblings also have to do same. The only hope I have to pay off my school fee is my mother and she has not received her salary for some months now”

Some other students of the university, in a rather hilarious way maintained that they had the school fee, but it was consumed by the popular money swallowing snake.

This is coming after a mysterious snake allegedly swallowed millions of Naira at the Benue State office of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Boards.

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