Ebuka’s Sarcasm and Four Other Things You Will See On Every Episode Of Judging Matters

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Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Justice Olusola Williams are changing the entertainment and legal space one case at a time on ‘Judging Matters’. The show which airs on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv Channel 151) every Monday at 6 PM helps to solve disputes through arbitration.

Hosted by fan-favourite, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Judging Matters is as informative as it is entertaining.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, here are five things every episode of ‘Judging Matters’ offers viewers:

  1. Premium sarcasm: The tag-team speciality of Ebuka and Justice Olusola is sarcasm. The most premium and refined kind of witty sarcasm you’ll find on your screen. They know how to handle every case with just the perfect amount of ironic humour.
  2. Hilarious plaintiffs and defendants: Every episode has one plaintiff or defendant that will crack you up. In episode 8, one plaintiff called the Judge – ‘Mummy’ and then ‘Your highness’ to correct himself. You can trust that Justice Olusola’s witty and sarcastic remark quickly put him back in his place.
  3. Unskillful Lies: As much as you’ll see hilarious plaintiffs and defendants, you’ll also see a great number of them who have the most ridiculous lies. Their stories never add up and quite frankly, all their stories will make for good lines on a comedy set. But, Ebuka and Justice Olusola always get to the bottom of things and the real story always emerges.
  4. Quick resolutions:No matter how big or small the issues are, Ebuka and Justice Olusola always dig deep into them to find the truth. Once the truth has been unveiled, Justice Olusola always resolves the issues quickly and Ebuka makes sure the resolutions are followed through. After every episode, he asks both the plaintiff and the defendant what they’ve learned by being on the show and there’s always a lesson to take home.
  5. Fair Judgements:After every dispute has been resolved, Justice Olusola then gives her judgement. They are always fair, true and considerate and they always stick.

Judging Matters is the first Nigerian show of its kind and it’s changing the approach to entertainment in the country. If you’re looking for premium and unique entertainment, then you should definitely check out this show.



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