Caramel Plugg Engages in a Fiery Confrontation with Boyfriend’s Alleged Sidechick

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Caramel Plugg fights sidechick over a man

The influencer has been in the headlines this past weekend after she clashed with her boyfriend’s sidechic Shalom, for allegedly collecting money from her man.

According to reports, Caramel Plugg who was on a  vacation with her man got to know about her boyfriend’s monetary gift to his side chick and got angry.

She took to her Snapchat to call out the sidechic of her boyfriend, Shallom while claiming that the lady had body odour and was also fond of begging her man for money.

Side chick replies Caramel Plugg after she called her out

Side chick replies Caramel Plugg after she called her out Photo credit: Shalom Cakes /Snapchat

A part of her post read:

“Mumu dey smell. Heard you have body odour on top? This is the worst. Abeg just go and continue the rubbish you’re doing.

“Also heard you were coming for my Versace bag the other day. Chai. With your Okrika market bags. Shey you were begging for money to buy wig. Or I should talk? Make you roll for ground? Audacity must be on sale.

“See just keep stalking like norms. I know I entertain you. Bye bye o. Case closed I’ve caught enough cruise today. Back to normal routine.”

Reacting to the accusation, Shalom fired back at Caramel and asked her to stop fixing ‘pepper seller lashes’.

She further advised Caramel to come to her for advice as she feels the influencer is greatly obsessed with her.

In her words:

“At this point I’m pretty sure you wanna be a friend..cause you can’t be steady talking about someone you claim is not on your level when you don’t admire the person.

“It’s giving admiration at this point. Either ways you know where to find me. Come on and text me. I don’t bite baby. Let me teach you a couple things.

“First lesson should be how to stop fixing those pepper seller lashes. Let’s be friends. Stop the obsession from far. Okay?”

See her post below:

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