Comedy Week Takes Over #BBNaija House as Housemates Switch Genders for a Hilarious Twist

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In a funny turn of events, laughter echoed through the BBNaija house today as the housemates embraced the spirit of Comedy Week by taking on the unique challenge of switching genders.

First BBNaija All Stars Saturday Party

The male housemates, usually seen in their casual attire, slipped into female outfits with a flair for humour. The male housemates didn’t just wear female clothing. They fully embraced their roles, imitating their female counterparts with accuracy. They showed up in dresses, wigs, and makeup, displaying their versatility by imitating the behaviours of the female housemates. From dramatic arguments to playful banter, the imitation was spot on, leaving no detail overlooked.


One standout moment of the day was when Cross and Ike mimicked the “Ceec and Ilebaye” fight. The female housemates couldn’t help but burst into laughter as they moved around the house, acting like the female housemates with their artificial butts and breasts.


Meanwhile, we hilariously spotted Whitemoney in a jumpsuit and makeup, attempting to channel his inner lady. His unconventional appearance added a touch of humour to the event, and his effort to catwalk was quite funny. He pretended like he was Doyin, noting that Ilebaye hurt his feelings. The house was filled with laughter and cheers, proving that comedy brings people together.


With comedy week in full swing, it’s safe to say that this season of BBNaija has delivered yet another unforgettable and side-splitting episode. As the housemates continue to explore their comedic talents, one thing is sure – the laughter is far from over in the BBNaija house. Stay tuned to DStv ch. 198 and GOtv ch. 49 for more hilarious and unforgettable moments as the fun continues.


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