Portable worries his artists might leave like Young Duu if he buys them cars.

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Portable worries his artists might leave like Young Duu if he buys them cars.

Portable recently opened up about his hesitation to provide cars for all the members of his record label during a live video session.

In this candid conversation, he went in on the departure of Young Duu, one of his former artists who recently left the record label. Portable revealed that he had contemplated buying cars for all his record label members but ultimately decided against it due to the lessons learned from his experiences with Young Duu.

He was worried that if he invested in cars for his team, they might decide to leave, like Young Duu had.

The relationship between Portable and Young Duu has been cold with challenges in recent months. At one point, Portable took to social media to brand Young Duu as “bad luck,” blaming him for the misfortunes that had befallen the record label.

He also further accused Young Duu of being ungrateful, particularly in light of the fact that Portable had generously purchased a car for him. Portable also claimed that Young Duu harboured jealousy whenever good things happened to other members of the record label, creating a hostile and undesirable atmosphere.

Interestingly, shortly after Young Duu’s departure from Zeh Nation, Portable wasted no time in signing a new artist. However, despite this new addition, Portable continues to be in the limelight with Young Duu’s name.

He recently made headlines by announcing that anyone interested in signing Young Duu would have to pay him millions of Naira. According to Portable, he played a pivotal role in catapulting Young Duu into the limelight, and he’s determined not to let that contribution go unrecognized.


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