“Having money doesn’t equal having connections” – Very Dark Man subtly shades Bobrisky

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“Having money doesn’t equal having connections” – Very Dark Man shades Bobrisky

Very Dark Man has been on Bobrisky’s matter, concerning the connections he allegedly has, and he’s not letting the matter go anytime soon.

Very Dark Man mocks Bobrisky for not having ‘connections’.

The social media activist made a post, stating that if someone has connection in a state, the person should make sure that they also have connections in the capital.

Very Dark Man also said that if anyone wants their connection to work, they should make sure to respect the law, and not go against it.

In his closing line, Very Dark Man stated that having money doesn’t equal having connections.

Although he didn’t mention anyone’s name, all fingers point to Bobrisky. This is because Very Dark Man has been going on about knowing the connections that Bobrisky has, ever since he was arrested.

Also, the closing line is a direct hit to Bobrisky, because, he has often bragged about having money online. During his fight with Very Dark Man, Bobrisky called him broke, while showing off his mansion and lavish lifestyle. This probably hit a nerve for Very Dark Man, since he brought it up again.

Not too long, Very Dark Man wrote a petition against Bobrisky for publicly displaying amorous relationships with men online. He even stated that once Bobrisky is done with the EFCC about his money mutilation case, he would face the petition he wrote against him, and that if he’s innocent, then he’ll be free.

Shortly before this petition, Very Dark Man had made a satirical video, pleading for Bobrisky’s release, but under one condition. He stated that only Idris should be released, and not ‘Bobrisky’. Idris is Bobrisky’s government name, while the latter is an alias he picked up later in life.

Very Dark Man declared war against cross dressers, and has been using Bobrisky as a point of contact to achieve his goal.

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