Shallipopi left confused at reports that his music is saving lives

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In a recent interview, fast-rising afrobeat singer Shallipopi expressed his surprise when people approached him, explaining how his music had significantly impacted and changed their lives.

The artist stated how he often found himself asking which specific song had such an effect on people, which prompted laughter from his host.

Known for his cool and club-vibe songs, Shallipopi hinted at the fact that his tunes were not particularly emotional. Despite this, he found it astonishing that listeners interpreted and connected with his music on such an emotional level. Humorously, he emphasized that he has no control over how people perceive and interpret his music but appreciates the diverse ways in which individuals resonate with his work.

Reflecting on his journey in the music industry, Shallipopi revealed that he received a humble payment of 50,000 Naira for his first-ever show. Grateful for his progress, he highlighted this early milestone to underscore the distance he has travelled in his music career.

It was widely reported some months back that Shallipopi had expressed profound gratitude towards Zlatan, acknowledging the role the fellow artist had played in shaping his career.

According to Shallipopi, Zlatan not only contributed significantly to his success but did so selflessly, without seeking anything in return.
He had hinted at the fact that the collaboration he had with Zlatan had skyrocketed his musical journey and career.

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